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Where can I find more information about products?


For further information on the Greenled Industry products please visit our page “Products”. The luminaires are divided by sector and you can find products information and technical data.

For more information on the technical features or particular applications please visit our contact page or send an email to


What is the warranty period?

The high quality and reliability of the luminaires allow us to guarantee the products until 10 years.


How do I choose the right Greenled Industry product for my needs?


In the application pages we suggest the most appropriate lighting for your environment.

Our consulting and design services are at your disposal to help you to assess the best lighting system for your business.

For more information please visit our contact page or send an email to



I would like to upgrade my lighting system with LED technology. Are there financing solutions?


Greenled Industry financing solutions are a strategic resource for the complete upgrading of the lighting system.

Thanks to the availability of financial instruments, Greenled Industry is able to provide financing and turnkey solution LIGHT YOUR EFFICIENCY that allows you to preserve capital, achieve business goals and stay competitive.

For information please visit the page Financing Services and Light Your Efficiency


How much can you save with Greenled Industry luminaires?


Greenled Industry products provide energy savings up to 60% compared to traditional technologies.

Contact us to request a savings calculation.



Can I remote control and dimming Greenled Industry luminaires for smart spaces?


The luminaires are supplied optionally with the remote control and you can equip them with the luminous flux control systems and sensors to further optimize consumption.

Find out more about the management and control of light systems.

For more information visit the pages Smart City and Smart Lighting Industry



What are the advantages to using Greenled Industry luminaires for public administrations?

Lighting is a critical cost item for public administrations caused by high energy consumption, maintenance costs and also by the growth of the number of users.

The European legislation and the withdrawal from the market of traditional lighting impose the adoption of high efficiency lighting system for public areas. The lighting upgrading has to ensure high energy savings, environmental friendliness, light pollution reduction, enhancement of the city’s architectural heritage, visibility and therefore greater safety for citizens.

Greenled Industry offers lighting solutions that meet the requirements of public areas and ensure high luminous efficacy with immediate reduction of operating costs. The reliability and long lifespan of the lamps cut maintenance and replacement costs.

The careful lighting design meets the requirements of the specific environment in terms of luminance, illumination, glare, uniformity and color rendering. Furthermore the use of customized optics and the luminous flux regulation enhance the lighting performance and energy consumption.


What are the advantages to using Greenled Industry luminaires in industrial environments?


The growing need to rationalize the use of energy in industrial environments is driving by high energy consumption, increasing energy costs and last stringent regulations.

Efficient lighting contributes to the reduction of energy costs and also to improve the quality of production processes.

Greenled Industry products provide savings up to 60% compared to traditional technologies. The wide power range allows us to light up large areas and environments with high ceilings. The performance of the luminaire ensures high level of lighting and efficiency over time by improving visibility, safety and productivity in industrial environments. Furthermore, the long lifespan of the product VOLTA and MATTEUCCI (L70> 150,000 hours of operation) and the regulation of the luminous flux contributing to the reduction of operating, maintenance and replacement costs.

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Are Greenled industry products suitable for extreme conditions areas?


The luminaires are designed to light up critical indoor and outdoor environments.

The VOLTA and MATTEUCCI families are different than other LED fixtures for its certification to operate in extreme conditions with temperatures between -40°C and +75°C (233,15° K and 348° K).

View VOLTA family

View MATTEUCCI family


How can the lifespan of several Greenled Industry products exceed 150,000 hours?

The Greenled Industry product is manufactured using the best LEDs available on the world market and an innovative Greenled Industry’s power supply.

The power supply is designed for being used in industrial environments where a safety connection to electrical ground is not required.

The power LEDs have the highest maximum drive current, the highest luminous efficiency and the lowest junction-case thermal resistance.

The power supply has lifetime longer than 150,000 hours through:

• use of high reliability components

• use of electronic components that have a wide range of operating temperature

• peculiar circuit diagram that avoids using electrolytic capacitors

• two independent circuit brakers that ensure protection from damages caused by short circuit and overload.

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The lumen maintenance factor L70 of Greenled Industry luminaires is over 150,000 hours. How long is 150,000 hours?


We assume a number of operating hours per day to understand the actual life of 150,000 hours


Hours of Operation 150,000 hours is
24h per day 17 years
16h per day 26 years
8h per day 51 years

Compared to the initial value the LEDs efficacy and the luminous flux decrease around of 70% after 150,000 hours. The Greenled Industry luminaires have long lifespan and high lumen maintenance factor that contribute to the reduction of operating, replacement and maintenance costs.


How environmentally friendly is the Greenled Industry luminaires?


The Greenled Industry luminaire is extremely environmentally friendly, it has no pollutants such as mercury or toxic materials. It is a green product from production to disposal (not-hazardous WEEE).

The LED luminaires don’t produce UV and IR radiations that are harmful to humans in case of long exposure over time.

The product complies with the light pollution regulations, so the light flux doesn’t disperse into the sky. The high efficacy of the device enables high energy savings with consequent reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.



Why I should buy Greenled Industry products? What are the advantages compared to incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lamps?

The Greenled Industry solution allows to reduce the energy consumption up to 60% and ensures extremely high luminous efficiency compared with traditional technologies.

The careful design and high quality materials ensure maintenance of luminous flux over time and longer lifespan than other luminaires. The long lifetime also reduces maintenance costs.


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