Better lighting for more efficient and intelligent warehouses



Lighting solutions for warehouses and col storages


For optimal management and intelligent storage facilities and logistics, a lighting system carefully designed and functional becomes a key element because it can ensure visibility and safety during the operations. In addition, a solution of efficient lighting contributes greatly to the reduction of high energy costs and waste, often due to the lighting on 24 hours a day.

Greenled Industry offers a wide range of solutions to meet the different needs of these areas to light up optimally any warehouses.





Energy savings over 80%. Fast payback time

Safety, visual comfort, well-being and productivity. Reduction of risks, accidents and errors.

Quick and easy maintenance

Better light quality. No glare or flicker. Best colour perception and rapid identification of goods and objects. Increasing the visibility and efficiency of operators, with optimization of operating processes. No photobiological risk.

High energy savings, more efficient and intelligent areas. 

Find out how the lighting helps to reduce waste and to optimize the work of a large-scale warehouse

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