Light to help concentration and improve learning

Schools. Universities. Laboratories. Classrooms. Auditoriums. Libraries.



Lighting for educational istitutions



Proper lighting without glare or reflections, improves visual comfort and color perception increasing concentration, attention and therefore the effectiveness of learning.

Thanks to Greenled Industry lighting solutions spaces are properly lit and promote the improvment of the performance and well-being. The LED lighting energy efficiency contribute to reducing environmental impact and energy consumption, thereby minimizing operating costs.

Furthermore the possibility to control the light according to need, allows to manage the different illuminance levels according to daylight conditions, to obtain the right light everytime.





Energy savings and reduction of lighting costs with rapid payback time

Visual comfort and better visibility. No glare, reflections or flickering

Light improves concentration and learning

Environmental sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions


Educational Institutions



Spaces become more efficient with the right light

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