Safer and more efficient cities



Lighting for street and urban environments



The lighting of street locations must ensure maximum visibility and safety for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, in compliance with technical standards and laws. A well-designed and intelligent lighting system, ensures high quality of light and visual comfort, contributing to safer and more attractive public areas. Moreover, the high energy efficiency and the long lifetime can reduce significantly the high costs. The lighting represents a major cost item, with consumption accounting for more than 40% and an important environmental impact.

Greenled Industry optimally meets the requirements of modern Smart Cities. The street lighting fixtures Pacinotti offer a superior quality of light and high luminous efficiency over time, ensuring cost saving and increasing in visual perception and safety. Moreover, with the lighting control system Smart City HUB you can manage the light in order to create better public spaces.





Energy savings over 80%. Fast payback time. Quick and easy maintenance

Best visual capabilities of the driver and safer vehicular and pedestrian traffic

Reduced carbon footprint and light pollution

Reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs

Efficient lighting to enhance the quality of life for citizens

Smart City, Smart Lighting


The Greenled Industry lighting systems allow full control of light, with the possibility of plan and set the luminous flux according to the real needs of the environment and of the people. The result is a further reduction of energy consumption and maintenance interventions.

Also through the SMART HUB CITY platform the light becomes a vehicle to connect people, things, buildings and create increasingly functional and pleasant places to live in.

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