The efficient LED lighting solution for city and every outdoor space



Energy saving over 60% and fast payback time



High-quality and uniform lighting. Safer vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Reduction of light pollution.



Possibility to equip the luminaires with smart lighting management system, to meet the needs of the modern smart cities

Product Information

Lùmino is one of the best solution that optimally meets the requirements of modern Smart Cities with minimum investment.

Unique design, high performance, reliability, this solution ensures the proper distribution of luminance, according the requirements set by the standards. The high luminous efficiency guaranteed over time and the reduced need of maintenance intervention, allow the Lùmino fixture to maximize energy saving and the return on investment.

Seven power versions, modular configuration, a wide range of optic options, Lùmino is a versatile solution perfectly suitable for any street application. The resonable heat sink design not only keep ventilation but also avoid laceration. Gaps between each module are increased heat disspiation speed and solved the problem of dust deposition.

With Lùmino we can make our cities more livable, sustainabl and efficient, increasing visibility and safety for citizens.



  • Wide range of lumen output from 3.400 lm  to 21.400 lm
  • High luminous efficacy
  • Longlife > 60.000 hours
  • High protection against water and dust IP 66
  • High resistance IK08
  • Excellent color randering and instant luminous flux
  • Remote control and dimming are available as option to maximize energy saving and visual comfort
  • Installation with innovative pole fitter design for horizontal and vertical installation, also has 0-15° adjustable function for each direction
  • Warranty: 6 years



Large Area, Airport, Port

Street, Motorway, Parking lot, Crossroad, Urban & suburban road

The city of the future through the light! 

The cities are changing, the spaces are becoming increasingly digitized and interconnected. Public lighting is the key element for the transformation of the city and allows you to create efficient and sustainable environments, that improve the life quality and reduce costs and public spending.

With Smart City Lighting, the solution for the control and management of lighting, you can significantly reduce lighting costs and offer value-added services that improve the safety and well-being of people.

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