Energy saving, safety and productivity in the manufacturing plants 




Lighting solutions for manufacturing


In industrial production areas lighting constitutes around the 30% of total energy consumption. The adoption of a efficient lighting and well designed system, helps to reduce energy costs and to create a comfortable and safe place. The improving of visual perception in fact decreases the risk of accidents and errors, reduces waste production and increases the efficiency of workers.

Greenled Industry offers high performance and longlife LED lighting solutions that are suitable for manufacturing plants.





Energy savings over 80%. Fast payback time

Safety, visual comfort, well-being and productivity. Reduction of risks, accidents and errors.

Quick and easy maintenance

Better light quality. No glare or flicker.


Reducing energy waste and optimization of work in manufacturing plants

Learn more about how our solutions have reduced costs more than 80% for illuminating a world leader in the production of machines and integrated systems for processing wood, glass and stone.


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