Energy-efficient lighting, even in extreme conditions



Lighting Solutions for extreme conditions areas 


For industrial environments characterized by high temperature and high concentration of dust and moisture, such as foundries, cement plants, glass and paper works, safety and cost savings are key issues for efficient building management.

In this areas the luminaires are subjected to shock and thermal cycling, aggressive environments, vibrations that might compromise their performance. Severe weather conditions make inefficient the traditional technologies which, unable to dissipate the excess heat, they tend to suffer faults in the electrical and electronic components, losing brightness at a great rate. Furthermore, the rapid obsolescence requires frequent maintenance and replacement to maintain adequate safety standards in the workplace, increasing operating costs and consequently causing temporary suspension of work processes.

Greenled Industry is a pioneer in LED lighting for critical environments.





Energy savings over 80% and fast payback time

Safer areas and better quality of light. Reduction of risks and injuries related to operating activities

Quick and easy maintenance, even in high bay installations


Extreme conditions areas




High-quality lighting ensuring over time and maximum savings 

Find out how the lighting helps a foundry workers to work safely


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