More efficient space with maximum visual comfort

Indoor and outdoor transit areas. Parking lots. Subways. Airports.



Lighting for transit areas and parking lots



Proper lighting of parking and transit areas is essential to ensure visual comfort and the safety of the environments. In addition, greater visibility and light uniformity means well-being, better performance and more pleasant living spaces.

Greenled Industry lighting solutions allow to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs. The transition from the old to the LED technology is fast and simple, with immediate benefits and an excellent payback time. It is also possible to integrate luminaires with lighting management systems and occupancy sensors to make even more efficient environments and more intelligent spaces that offer light where and when you need it.





Energy savings over 70% and fast payback time

Quick and easy maintenance and installation, for a simple conversion to LEDs technology

Safer and more comfortable spaces, without dark areas

More efficient and intelligent light to illuminate environments

Lighting control systems and occupancy sensors make even more efficient your spaces

Lighting Control System


The Greenled Industry lighting systems allow full control of light, with the possibility of planning and regulation of the luminous flux according to the real needs of the environment and people. The result is a further reduction of energy consumption and a reduced need for maintenance of the lighting.

With lighting management systems and the occupancy sensors, no more dark spaces or wasta of energy, you will have light only where and when you need it.

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