Excellent lighting, with minimum energy consumption

Large areas. Stations.  Ports. Airports. Sport facilities. Industrial areas. Highways. Parking. 



Lighting for Large Areas



The lighting of large areas requires standards of safety, visibility and efficiency very high. The double request of ensuring the safety of operations that take place in these contexts and reducing the operational costs of lighting, requires the adoption of well-designed lighting systems, efficient and long lasting.

Greenled Industry lighting solutions can be reduced more than 70% energy and maintenance costs. The luminaires ensures the proper lighting, with multiple benefits for citizens and the environment. The modular configuration provide the right flexibility to light up the needs of the different environments.





Energy savings over 70% and fast payback time

Best visual capabilities of the driver and safer vehicular and pedestrian traffic

Reduced carbon footprint and light pollution


Large areas




Projects realized 


High power LED lighting to improve visibility and reduce costs

Find out about how efficient lighting helps to reduce costs and to ensure maximum visibility in an English Airport

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