Improve the shopping experience through the light

Supermarkets. Shops. Sales areas.

Lighting for supermarkets and retail spaces



A bright light and proper lighting of retail space can really make a difference in your business. With a LED lighting system the atmosphere becomes more relaxed, the goods are enhanced thanks to a better perception of colors and the shopping experience becomes more attractive and pleasant.

The Greenled Industry lighting solutions help to create more attractive retail spaces, comfortable and efficient, with benefits for customers and employees as well as a competitive advantage for the supermarket manager.


Energy savings over 70% and fast payback time

Visual comfort and better color perception. No glare and no flicker

Light improves shopping experience

Quick and easy installation and maintenance

Lighting for Supermarkets and Shopping Center 


Bright light to attract attention

Not only energy efficiency but also brightness and visual comfort

Switch to LEDs technology with our services 



Convert your lighting system with a new LED technology system right now.

With design and financing services you  will benefit from all the advantages of a LED lighting system designed specifically to meet your needs, while minimizing investment risk.

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