High energy-efficient choice for LED



Energy saving over 60% and fast payback time



High-quality light and uniform lighting



 Safer environment, increasing in productivity and well-being


Product Information

MERCURY luminaires family is an extremely flexible and reliable solution to illuminate optimally indoor areas and outdoor environments. With a minimalist design, Mercury provides bright light at a competitive cost that minimizes the investment.

The long life, high luminous efficiency and high protection against external agents contributing to reduce energy consumption and achieve significant savings.


The luminaire is available in two lengths and with two optical systems.

Mercury is also available in a version for emergency lighting and you can equip it with sensors that will further optimize energy consumption by providing light only where and when you need it.




  • High energy efficacy
  • Longlife > 60.000 hours
  • High protection against water and dust IP 65
  • Color randering >80
  • Excellent thermal performances
  • Installation with mounting bracket in stainless steel
  • Available in dimmable version, emergency lighting, occupancy sensors
  • Warranty: 3 years



Industrial Building and Manufacturing

Warehouse and Cold storage

Parking, Station, Transit Area

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