Efficient foundry for environmental protection


The Challenge

Foundries are critical environments for lighting. The high temperatures and the high concentration of dust, subjecting the lighting fixtures to aggressive atmospheres and vibrations that might compromise its lighting performance.

Environmental conditions and temperature, especially in smelting areas causing frequent breakdowns to the lighting system that require continuous maintenance to ensure the appropriate lighting levels.

FONDAR SpA wanted to found a reliable solution to increase efficiency in the workplace, improve visibility and safety for operators and pursue its goals of sustainability and efficiency.




The Solution

Greenled Industry has proposed VOLTA luminaires for this specific environment.

VOLTA is a superior performance and reliable luminaire, designed just for industrial areas with critical conditions, with temperatures up to + 75 ° C.

Thanks to the power supply and the construction technology developed specifically to ensure maximum strength, VOLTA ensures the best luminous flux for over 150,000 hours.

High-resistance luminaires to ensure the right light and safety of workers

Hours of luminous flux


Environmental sustainability


Visual comfort and proper lighting for visual tasks

Partner for the best lighting solution





Pre intervention


Frequently luminaires failures for high temperatures


Non è assicurato il corretto illuminamento


Inefficient lighting and lighting levels not comply with standard


Ambiente non correttamente illuminato a causa di apparecchi guasti o coperti di polveri, difficili da sostituire o pulire


Risk of injuries and accidents


La scarsa illuminazione non consente agli operatori di lavorare in sicurezza



Post intervention


Reduction of maintenance need


Grazie alla lunga durata e all’elevata resistenza degli apparecchi Greenled Industry


Efficient lighting and proper lighting, complies with standards


Miglioramento del comfort visivo e della sicurezza dell’ambiente di lavoro


Riduction of energy consumption and of carbon footprint


Riduzione dell’energia consumata e rispetto dell’ambiente


Excellent result


Increase lighting levels and energy performance of the plant. The visual comfort is improved, the light is uniform and the visibility is increased in accordance with the requirements and standards, respecting the different visual tasks. Operators can work safely.

Greenled Industry is a pioneer in LED lighting for critical industrial applications.